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Couplers are the "female" side of a coupling system between the motor and transmission.  The Coupler resides on the motor side of this system. 


If you experience slipping of your transmission when changing directions it is a good idea to check this coupler/elastomer system for damage.  Most of the time people think their transmission is going bad but in fact it is one or both of these components.  It is a good idea to let a dealer do these services however its fairly simple and we cant stop you from doing it yourself! If you have any questions please refer to the i2 service manual starting on pages 7-1 or give us a call.  This manual takes about 20 seconds to load so be patient.

Segway Coupler

  • Elastomers are a part of a coupling system between the transmission and motor.  This part wears out periodically and should be replaced when riders notice a wheel has slop/slippage in it. 


    To test this rock the machine back and forth gently and if you have a bad elastomer you will notice during directional changes there is a delay in one wheel, causing the "slip".  A full inspection of the  coupling system should be perfomed by a dealer as the corresponding "coupler" could also be the cause of such slippage.  If you attempt to do this repair yourself please seek advice from us or another Segway dealer.

  • Compatible with all Segway Pt units, across all generations.

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