By far the most popular PT the i2 SE provides transportations solutions for most customers needs.  Don't let the street tires deceive you as the i2 SE is perfectly capable of operating in mild off road applications in addition to paved surfaces.  With a range of up to 24 miles (depending on rider weight, riding style, and terrain) the i2 SE is up to the task of handling a full day of fun or entire shift without needing to be

Segway i2 SE- Deposit

    • Wireless InfoKey controller
    • Gen 2 LeanStear technology
    • 14" wheels (19" tire diameter)
    • Adjustable speed/speed limiter lock
    • 24 mile range
    • 270lbs weight capacity
    • 19"x25" footprint
    • 12.5 MPH max speed
    • 105LBS