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Sale is for 2 wheel kits, used. Tires have 90%+ tread on them and rims are in good working order. Please note these wheel kits will need new tubes (size 2.5-2.75x 14") which can be purchased here:

Wheel Kit, Used

  • Want to fix that wobbly wheel or simply don't want to fight with changing those tires by hand?  Perhaps your company has decided it is a good idea to keep an extra wheel around to keep your PT up and running in the case of a flat?  This replacement i2 and i2 SE wheel kit is a simple solution to existing problems and also helps reduce downtime in the inevitable case of a flat.  Kit contains wheel, tire, tube and replacement nuts.  Installs in less than 5 minutes.  Kit does not include center replacement cap/trim piece as pictured. 

  • Compatible with all gen 2 Segway PT models and newer (i2 and i2SE, X2 and X2SE, Patroller models)

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