The X2 SE is a great option for those who will be encountering a little more than a few bumps in their daily routine.  Essentially the i2 SE's bigger (and more rugged!) brother, the X2 SE is built for riders who will be frequently using their PT on compromising terrain.  The 7" wide tires filled to only 4 PSI provide extra traction and shock absorption for the unexpected obstacles and also give the X2 SE a ground clearance of 4.5". 

X2 SE-Call to Order

    • Wireless InfoKey controller
    • Gen 2 LeanStear technology
    • 10" wheels (21" tire)
    • Adjustable speed/speed limiter lock
    • Scratch resistant mud fenders
    • Cargo Rails
    • 21"X33" footprint
    • 12.5 mph max speed
    • 12 mile range
    • 120 lbs total weight
    • 270 lbs weight capacity