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Our model is quite simple; Provide a place where consumer and commercial Segway owners can go, navigate a webpage that doesn’t look like it was designed in the previous decade, and buy/receive products in a timely manner. We aim to simplify the process of ordering which is why we don’t play games tacking on shipping charges in the final stage of ordering. The price you see is what you pay*. Our third party processor is PCI compliant keeping your information safe and secure.  The best part about our model is if you call there is a person on the other end.  If for some reason we miss you most calls are returned within 5 minutes.

We hope our straightforward approach is a relief to Segway owners who have previously dreaded the unknown of service and support. We look forward to growing our catalog with time and encourage feedback on website design as well as items customers would like to see carried.

*shipping charges are added for Alaska And Hawaii orders.  Sorry folks but it is too expensive to ship for free to those states.

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