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Over the past several years there have been a number of companies that have started offering services for Segway batteries such as "rebuilding" and "boosting", otherwise known as reconditioning.  We will begin this article with a discussion on rebuilding Segway batteries.

Segway InfoKeys can be programmed three different ways depending on which route you want to take. We will go over them here briefly.

     1. Your old key can be sent into us and we can simply copy the information over to the new one. Unlike car dealerships we do not charge a "programming fee".

Over the years Segway has gone through several changes in their battery technology.  Early on P-series units use a non lithium ion (Li-ion) battery that is still available but for about 99% of people viewing this site the only change that will matter was the switch they made from nickel metal hydride (NIMH) to Li-ion.

The Segway PT’s batteries are the most expensive part to replace on your machine and generally the only component that requires maintenance on the machine outside tires.  Over the years we have seen some extreme examples of early battery failure and consistent patterns of conditions that lead to run of the mill replacement situations. 

With the new year just around the corner Segway has started to issue a few changes with the way they do things.  Every year this occurs and typically the nature of such changes are internal protocols that are non-consequential for customers.  This year we received an email regarding the 1 year battery warranty period that needs to be explained so customers know why they did it and what it means for them.

Spring is here and its that time of the year that the forgotten Segway PT’s begin to resurface for the months ahead.  Its also that magical time of the year that customers tend to realize they have battery problems or have lost their InfoKeys. 

Segway batteries are an interesting item for many reasons. Beyond the technical aspects and steep price tag there is also the issue of stocking and selling them.  In this short article we will try to add transparency to our system of inventorying Segway batteries, why we do things the way we do, and why it is good for the end user.

Removing and installing Segway batteries is quite simple however there are a few tips that we would like to point out.  First lets looks at a Segway battery and how to remove it.

Changing Segway tires is something that most owners will have to do if they ride their PT more than a few times a year.  Segway tires are notorious for turning into slicks and the tubes will many times dry rot after about five years.  There are two options for repairing a bad tire: Replace the wheel, tire, and tube all together (“wheel kit”) or simply replace the tire and tube with aftermarket parts. 

Normally our articles deal with topics geared towards breaking in new or potential Segway PT owners on frequently asked questions and maintenance.  In this article we will discuss a part of ownership beyond our typical realm and look at error codes. 

The Segway InfoKey is an item that we frequently receive a lot of questions about here.  Although it is a very simple device to operate there are many functions that are quite difficult to navigate without having a manual. 

The choice to buy a new or used Segway seems to be one that is asked quite frequently.   Just like with cars why buy new when someone else can take the hit on depreciation, right?  There are several things that must be taken into account when choosing which route is best for you.

The ins and outs of buying a used Segway PT is probably the most common conversation we have with people when they contact us.  We have written at length in some of our other blog articles about the subject but have not yet touched on the darker side of what can happen when buying used.

Out of all the things we sell our biggest mover is by far the Segway aftermarket tire. Considering how many tires we sell it is about time to do an in depth review on this product.  They are obviously very similar to the Segway factory tire however there are some slight differences that could matter depending on the application

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