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FRI, 11/02/2012 - 4:48PM

Segway InfoKeys can be programmed three different ways depending on which route you want to take. We will go over them here briefly.


     1. Your old key can be sent into us and we can simply copy the information over to the new one. Unlike car dealerships we do not charge a "programming fee".


     2. If you have your original paperwork you can send in the programming codes that came with it. These codes will come either in a printout with all pertinent information (serial numbers for machine and batteries, owner name, dealer name, ect..) or on a notecard sized sticker with three lines (one is the serial number, other two are random numbers/symbols) which will be accompanied with barcodes.  We ask that you email or arrange to send them via txt message if possible. We need a picture of the codes that is scanable.  For some reasons these cannot be entered manually.  Typical camera phones (i phone/android) will be sufficient resolution. When emailing the codes please include your information and order number.

     3. As a last resort we can obtain the codes from Segway which does cost $25.00.  Please keep in mind that we make no money here, this is what they charge us to get the codes.

There are different ways to buy a key depending on which route you want to take.  Please make sure that if you are buying a key and we have to get the codes from segway that you add the $25.00 code retrieval charge to your cart as well AND THE SERIAL NUMBER TO YOUR MACHINE found on the back right edge (see picture).  If this serial number is unreadable you can remove the front battery and it is engraved on the bottom of the platform.


 For keys that have to be mailed in and copied we ask that you send them with a copy of your invoice to the following address:

Segway of Southern Missouri

18565 Business 13

Branson West, MO 65737

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