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TUE, 01/29/2013 -11:51AM

Text instructions on how

to reprogram your key speed

The Segway InfoKey is an item that we frequently receive a lot of questions about here.  Although it is a very simple device to operate there are many functions that are quite difficult to navigate without having a manual.  The owners guide that comes with your Segway PT offers elementary operating functions of the key however fails to dig too far into some of the more complex features.  I will focus on three of the most asked (and most important in my opinion) tools you can use on your InfoKey.
    Speed programming has many applications.  Whether you are playing a joke by limiting ones speed to 4 mph or being responsible by creating an “inside” and “outside” key for your office building, this function is one that largely goes unknown.  Perhaps the most practical application of this is to have area specific keys for businesses which limit the risk of someone blazing through a hallway but still let them move at high speeds outside.  watch the video below to see how to do this.    Many times customers will find themselves with a new InfoKey that simply will not get out of turtle mode.  For some odd reason Segway’s programming tool locks this function as a default and many times it does not get changed after a key is programmed.  To unlock this mode simply hold down the turtle button and the mode display (top right) button at the same time for 10 seconds.  You will see a bunch of plus signs across the top and should then be able to cycle modes.  If you really want to be mean do this again with your machine in turtle mode and lock the guy on the next shift out. Chances are he will have no idea why he can’t go faster than 6 mph.
    The safety shutdown is another tool that is good for pranking but also very good for training.  To access this function simply hold down the power button and also the mode display button (bottom left and top right buttons) at the same time within range of the machine.  After about 5-10 seconds the machine will lock up and go into a safety shutdown mode, giving the rider approximately 10 seconds to dismount.  Its good to simulate this but also fun for giving a new rider a hard time, accusing him of breaking a $6,000 machine!
    So there you have it.  Some basic functions that are available but not advertised very well on the Segway InfoKey.  I hope this article clears up some unanswered questions and helps you in a pinch when you can’t figure out what the heck is going on with your Segway.

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