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FRI, 10/25/2013 - 4:23PM

Segway batteries are an interesting item for many reasons. Beyond the technical aspects and steep price tag there is also the issue of stocking and selling them.  In this short article we will try to add transparency to our system of inventorying Segway batteries, why we do things the way we do, and why it is good for the end user.

    We have seen it more than once.  People come in with a Segway and the replacement set of batteries they just bought a few years prior are dead.  A quick read of the serial number on the battery and it is revealed the “new” set they have is four or five years old, not two or three as they thought.  Turns out the Segway batteries they bought and thought were new had been sitting in someone’s inventory for a couple of years prior to purchase! If you have read some of our other articles regarding Segway batteries you understand that age, not charges and discharges, tends to be the biggest killer of batteries.

    Since we understand that Segway batteries are an item in which age is a major factor we order our inventory accordingly.  We have no idea how long a set of batteries will sit (on offboard chargers of course) before being sold  so we order the minimum amount we can in to keep our Segway batteries “fresh”.  Since we have to order two sets (4 total) batteries to receive “volume pricing” we typically wait to order a new batch of batteries until our last set is sold.

    So why do we feel the need to explain this to our customers?  A big part of our business model here is always having items in stock and reducing turnaround time on orders.  Selling Segway batteries makes that a little difficult and sometimes embarrassing when we have to post things like “item is expected to arrive on “XX” date”.  At face value a message like that looks like poor inventory management but in reality we do it to maximize the time you have before you will need to make another large purchase!


Just for fun we will wrap this up with a little technical info to help keep you from getting ripped off.  You may not buy batteries from us and that is fine but we don’t want anyone to get “ebayed” buying a new set of batteries that really isn’t all that new.

    Each battery has a serial number sticker on it that tells you the exact manufacturing date.  The first 6 numbers are the ones you need to pay attention to as they denote the month, day and year (MMDDYY).  So looking at the picture to the right we have a battery that was manufactured on july 22nd, 2013.  Please understand that most of the time we receive these batteries from Segway they are anywhere from 6-8 months old. Our typical turnaround time is 1 months so it is not uncommon by the time you get a set of Segway batteries for them to be somewhere around 8 months out from the manufacturing date.  

   Now that we have an understanding on how this works we hope that you will consider us when it comes time to buy new Segway batteries.  If you go another route just be sure to check the serial number and understand what you are buying!

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